Stage 3 Separation


Seeing the need for precise drilling waste volume accounting, Stage 3 Separation has entered into a partnership with LoadScanTM, a worldwide leading provider of volume accounting equipment and software.

Fast and Accurate Payload Measurement

LoadScanTM is a non-contact, drive-through system for the volumetric measurement of bulk material truckloads.  Knowing your exact volume allows you to precisely account for and reduce long-term liability. LoadScanTM eliminates human error through proven technology and replaces the common practice of guessing bucket size and trailer capacity to estimate load volumes.

Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs  loadscan logo

Loadscan web pic lgEngineers, superintendents and managers now have an unbiased volume accounting system for trucks leaving and returning to the rig site.  Recorded haul back volumes eliminate over-charging of previously billed waste that remain in the truck after unloading.

“LoadScan changes the waste management landscape for our customers as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality performance solids management service to the oilfield.  The bottom line for our customers is that LoadScan has improved efficiency by dropping our clients’ trucking and disposal costs by an average of 25%.” – Fred Lausen, President and CEO of Stage 3

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