Stage 3 Separation

Services & Products

No other solids control company in the industry can match the services Stage 3 provides. We specialize in equipment designed for closed loop mud systems to maximize the efficiency of the drilling operation through solids control. Our complete package includes equipment, field technicians, technical reporting, solids removal and waste handling.

Stage 3 maintains an inventory of top-of-the-line solids control equipment so that there is no lag time between when you need the job done and when the work begins.

From stands, drying shakers and mud conditioners to centrifuges and peripheral backside equipment, Stage 3 has the solution for all of your solids control needs.

We also provide Remediation Services that significantly reduce drilling costs by minimizing contaminated volumes, optimizing location design, and utilizing location water when possible. We also offer fluid treatment, dewatering and pit closures. We work collaboratively with the customer in developing a sound turnkey plan that exceeds expectations and provides for an efficient and complete remediation package.

Stage 3 is on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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