Stage 3 Separation

The Safety Training Process

At Stage 3 safety on your site is priority number one.

After completing the hiring process, physical exam and drug screen, new field technicians are placed into Stage 3’s intensive three-week training course that was developed to build operational and safety skills while learning what it means to be a part of the Stage 3 team. The internal boot camp focuses on solids control fundamentals, equipment operations, teamwork, safety operations and technology prior to deploying to the field.

Safety is the top priority at Stage 3 and is a focus throughout training and continues onsite via daily safety briefings and ongoing safety classes.

At the end of our boot camp, the candidate undergoes a final exam before being invited into the Field Tech Apprentice program. As an apprentice, the field technician is paired with an experienced field technician onsite to begin work with our customers.

This may seem like a rigorous process, but it ensures the safety of our employees as well as the job site on which they are working.

Learn more about our continued commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment here.