Stage 3 Separation

Health, Safety & Environment

Stage 3 never sacrifices the safety of our employees or your job site. That is our guarantee.

The core of Stage 3’s safety operations is our HS&E program which encompasses our HS&E plan, policies and procedures.  The HS&E plan incorporates fundamental safety and risk management components with an action plan, including escalation, in the event of a safety issue.  In addition, we provide extensive and ongoing training to every one of our field technicians.

The first thing our technicians learn on the job is how to effectively manage their duties safely and securely. Each technician receives roughly 20 hours of initial safety training, in addition to the annual safety training required.

Job Safety Analysis forms are completed by our Field Technicians, and our Field Leaders check over each job site to manage risk and safety issues before they have a chance to become problems. Additionally, all of our technicians are equipped with smartphones to ensure communication is always available in case of any emergency. 

Learn more about our continued commitment to training and safety and our safety training process.