Stage 3 Separation

Job Descriptions

At Stage 3, our Field Technicians love getting their hands dirty.

It’s a challenging job, but a rewarding one.


Description: Under general direction from and reporting to the Field Services Managers, Field Technicians are responsible for collection and recording of mud properties, monitoring, cleaning, and fueling of all Stage 3 Separation solids control equipment, operating heavy equipment, data entry and following all directives of the company.

Field Technicians are involved with monitoring centrifuges, bullet mix tanks, drying shakers, and all associated solids control products & services including dewatering drilling muds.

This position requires travel to remote well site locations for rigging up, maintaining the solids control process and rigging down of solids control equipment in an outdoor environment.

In addition, this position requires the ability to lift over 70 lbs. frequently throughout the day and to remain standing for extended periods.


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